Pre-Order our new Hall Of Fame NYHC Longplayer Series

In 2005, we released MADBALL'S LP legacy on Vinyl worldwide. In 2006, we  also released the Hall of Fame Single Series Box (Outburst-Miles to go 7“, Raw Deal -demo 7“, Breakdown -demo 87 7“). Only 200 copies were made as single box with silkscreen cover artwork. It's 2016 we thought it's about time to release another Hall of Fame NYHC Series with our favorite Longplayers.

The Hall of Fame Longplayer Series is strictly limited to 50 copies only. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! Order your copy in our shop: Dead Serious Shop

This Hall of Fame Longplayer Series features special Silkscreen Cover Artwork:

MADBALL - Legacy LP (Alternate Cover - Silkscreened - Golden Ink).

MADBALL - Empire LP (Alternate Cover - Silkscreened- bronze Ink).


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