B2B Partner For Wholesale Customers:

Country Distributor
Germany 375 Media GmbH (Cargo Records & Indigo Distribution)
USA Forced Exporsure
UK Plastic Head
Asia Various Stores Directly
Benelux Surburban
France Seasons Of Mist
Denmark Border
Norway Big Dipper
Finland Supersounds
Greece Vea Music
Hungary Hammer Music
Italy Audioglobe
Norway Border
Poland Mystic Production
Portugal Compact
Spain Munster Records
Australia Rocket
Sweden Sound Pollution
Switzerland Irascible GmbH
Czech Mystic Production
Austria 375 Media GmbH (Cargo Records & Indigo Distribution)


Mailorder For End Customers:

Country Mailorder
Germany Core Tex
Germany Green Hell
Germany DS Family
USA Revelation
UK Plastic Head Mailorder
Asia Retribution Network
Canada Le Noise


Digital Distribution:

We keep close contacts with streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Tidal to ensure that your releases are considered for platform-curated playlists, boosting streams significantly. We also offer direct marketing on download stores, including iTunes banners, Hot Tracks, featured pre-orders and much more. We deliver over 28 digital stores & streaming services in 240 terretories. Get in touch with us if you need a digital distribution! We do not charge monthly fees like Tunecore, CD Babe, Distro Kid! Profits are guaranteed!

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