allesgut. Joins The Dead Serious Family
allesgut. Joins The Dead Serious Family

We are honoured and proud to announce that the german artist "allesgut." have signed to Dead Serious Recordings.  If you like "Casper" or Alligatoah", then you can't get around this new artist. "allesgut."? Their music is a breathtaking mix that blends modern rock with hip hop and lyrically stands out from the well-known scene greats. Intelligent and profound backgrounds that take everyone with them and speak to them. allesgut.? An answer with which we simply wave goodbye, let everything be good - for our counterpart & ourselves. What is "everything", what is "good"? Can & do we really want to face all feelings, all circumstances, all "everything" honestly at all times? Ask ourselves specifically "how am I really doing?" Even if we were aware of the answer, can & do we want to be so honest & courageous with the other person? Are we even aware of how deep this question really goes? It doesn't seem to matter, because at the end of the day everything is obviously fine.


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