Arrow MInds signs to Dead Serious
Arrow MInds signs to Dead Serious

We are hornored and proud to announce that the Arrow Minds signed to Dead Serious Recordings. Expect a killer record which will turn your world upside down. We can't wait to share those amazing songs with you!

ARROW MINDS are a melodic hardcore band from Rostock, Germany. They were formed in 2016. The same year they released the digital EP "Big Kahuna Jams". In 2018 those guys released their first full length record "Alcatraz Affairs".

If you love bands like Strike Anywhere, Avail or Architects this band wll turn your world upside down. Their new album is a major step up from their last one and you can tell this band has found their musical stride. Arrow Minds are maybe the next big thing and are ready to pave their way for future glories. 

Their power- and meaningful songs represent everything a moderrn hardcore punk band should stand for - fast positively aggressive tunes leading to catchy hooks; with lyrics that do not try to be empty paroles, but rather raise necessary questions about today's absurd ideals, ideas, and issues.

The band brings a high-energy live-set wherever they are put on the bill, and have already shared the stage with Wisdom In Chains, Terror, All For Nothing, Evergreen Terrace and many more all around Germany during their first couple of years.

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