Devil In Me Joins Dead Serious
Devil In Me Joins Dead Serious

We are stoke to announce that the almighty DEVIL IN ME signed to Dead Serious Recordings. Their new masterpiece will be released on CD and Digital on Friday Jan 14, Vinyl will be available on Friday Jan. 28. This album is a brutal banger!

Devil in Me from Lissabon were born in 2004. Started as a project they worked really hard and involved this band to the king pins of the european hardcore scene. After a longer absense those guys are back and stronger than ever. 

Their new album is a masterpiece which contains their most agressive songs, dedicated to the true believers. All their previous records had their own flavours and a very unique style. With their new album they keep reinventing themselves while adding new tasteful igredients. This album sounds like a proper 90‘s crossover record…. Razor-sharp riffing, angry vocals, a grooving bass and a hard hitting drum work, in addition a popping production which explodes. 

DEVIL IN ME whose characteristic sound perfectly closes the gap between „Rock Star Mayhem”, „Modern Metal“ and the „Classic NYHC Hardcore” are ready to start a new and successfull chapter and to shape their carrier. 

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