Brothers Till We Die Signs To Dead Serious
Brothers Till We Die Signs To Dead Serious
We are really hornored to announce that Brothers Till We Die joined Dead Serious Recordings. We will release their upcoming full length 'Touch These Wounds // I Came Back From Death' on CD/Digital. The album will on Fr, July 05 2019! Pre-Order will start very soon. "Touch These Wounds // I Came Back From Death" is the newest full length album with 12 brutal songs recorded in January 2019. This album brings a fresh vision of „Extreme Metal“ combined with strong  „Hardcore“ influences. It mixes intensive breakdowns, brutal gang vocals, dynamics between fast & slow with heavy parts, melodic solos and classic death metal. Already accepted by the genre's front-runners BTWD regularly cooperate with international names. Those new songs feature guest appearances from Malevolence and Desolated members. 

Brothers Till We Die is a hard working touring band. They just started touring Spain & Europe and are now ready to catch the crown of the european hardcore/metal scene. They already did several tours in Germany, UK, France, Benelux, Denmark, Spain and Eastern Europe and shared stages with Malevolence, Comeback Kid, Nasty and  Caliban.

Brothers Till We Die will tour Europe again this year... promoting their new release and recently announced a top spot at this years Resurrection Festival. BTWD will play on the main stage just before While She Sleeps, Trivium, Arch Enemy and Slipknot in front 10.000 people. 


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