Madball - Empire

Formed in 1988 as a side project of some Agnostic Front members... Madball quickly established a reputation as being one of the hardest-working and most visceral hardcore bands in the scene, which still holds true to this day. In fact, Madball has shared the stage with nearly every reputable hardcore and metal band of the past decade, and even after years of existence the band can still outperform most of its contemporaries.

Madball have been around for over twenty years, and Empire is exactly the album you'd expect the band to have released at this point in their long career - a career longer than most bands within the genre can only dream to accomplish. Maintaining the same idea that was proposed through the band's debut full-length, 1994's Set It Off, that it is the band against the world, Empire is Madball proclaiming their place in hardcore. Hardcore is the band's Empire. This release is also the debut of new the drummer Jay Weinberg (Slipknot, Against Me!), who has replaced the long-term drummer Darren Morgenthaler.




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150 x black, 250 x clear/black marbled, 300 x clear, 300 x white, 20 x Hall Of Fame Artwork White, 20 x HOF Artwork Blue, 20 x HOF Artwork White, 15 x HOF Artwork Silver, 15 x HOF Artwork  Bronze,  40 x Silk Print White, 40 x Silk Print Blue, 35 x Digital Artwork Baby Blue

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