Bleed Into One - Words can''t save us now

ID:                              DS.547.0
Type:                         MCD
Release Date:           2002-11-01‚Äč
Lim. Press:               ---

Formed in January 2002 by on of the most sincere, and dedicated maniacs in hardcore. No band before, burst onto the scene with a brutal live set and a intelligent message. That''s hardly to find these days....the inner seed of their scene is BLEED INTO ONE, better say, bled into one. A unique sound throughout the 7 songs on the MCD. It transcends H-A-R-D.core stereotypes. Mix up DEATH THREAT and HATEBREED with the spirit of INSIDE OUT and the CRO-MAGS. Music is plain and simple hardcore with a frontman that must be MIKE JUDGE''s brother. After a first listening you can imagine why so many call ''em and outstanding hardcoreband.', 'cover_notavailable.gif', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '1'),
(9, '2003-11-15', '550.0', 'Burden', 'With every step forward', 'CD/7Inch', 'Burden play what the band describes as "metal-free, in-your-face, hardcore" and have no doubts about their sound or their message. Hardcore not unlike Strife, Undertow or Trial...5 new intense straight edge hardcore anthems sure to please.