Burden - If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything

ID:                              DS.544.0
Type:                         CD/LP
Release Date:           2003-11-10
Lim. Press:               ---

The new album from Vancouver, Canada''s Straightedge Hardcore powerhouse Burden. The much anticipated follow up to 1999''s "Strength of conviction" CD/ 7''. Nine songs of fast, heavy, energetic and angry hardcore. Powerful rhythms, crushing breakdowns, energetic singalongs, and positive and personal angered vocals, are just a small part of BURDEN''s old school meets new school style, often compared to classic bands as Trial, Strain and Undertow. Be sure to check ''em out on their 2nd Europeantour next year...and understand why many are calling BURDEN Canada''s best HC band.