ChuggaBoom Joins The Dead Serious Family
ChuggaBoom Joins The Dead Serious Family

We are honoured and proud to announce that the greatest metalcore band in the world ChuggaBoom have signed to Dead Serious Recordings. 

Formed in 2014 as custodians of the stolen riffs in their quest to restore metalcore to the galaxy  ChuggaBoom quickly proclaimed themselves the greatest metalcore band on earth. Drawing upon a wide range of influences including Upon A Burning Body, Devin Townsend, Funeral For A Friend & Attack Attack!, the band have never shied from recording whatever they want.

With over 10 Million streams in total on Spotify and two 1 million + streamer tracks with many more to follow these guys are on the rise to claim the European metalcore crown and to open the next chapter of their success story. Expect massive touring and festival appearances in 2022/2023 and further big announcements. Become a Chuggalo, or get left behind.

ChuggaBoom states the signing as follows:
Well, we've finally done it. ChuggaBoom have officially sold our souls to the music industry! We are incredibly excited to be working with Dead Serious Recordings for our next record. With this next step in the ChuggaBoom journey, we hope to reach more Chuggalos-To-Be, be more ambitious with our output and hit the damn road harder than ever. ChuggaBoom's next chapter is going to remain insane, unhinged and partyful. It's gonna be a lot of fun. The Chugg Life is going strong!

Dead Serious Recordings owner Andy states the signing as follows:
I couldn't be more stoked on this partner / friendship. ChuggaBoom are an outstanding band far away from the norm... far away from this boring average metal core. Here to stay and ready to explode. We have many awesome plans in our pockets... you will snack their new record like a Chupa Chups lolipop! Promised!


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