The Year
The Year

The Year (based in Lisbon, Portugal) is a band that creates a eclectic blend of genres to produce a sound that is both timeless and cutting-edge. Their music is characterized by dynamic arrangements, soaring vocals, and simple instrumentation that evokes vivid musical emotions. With each song, The Year explores themes of growth, change, and self-discovery, creating a sonic journey that is both introspective and universal.

A band made up of a hardened music outfit who have not only worked together but toured many countries in previous years. They may have only officially got together in the Summer of 2012 but all the systems and processes were in place way before then! The self titled debut album received very positive reviews from across Europe. The Year have been the support act for bands such as Architects, More Than a Thousand, Comeback Kid, Devil In Me, Desolated, Deez Nuts, Your Demise, Martyr De led and many others.

In late 2014, after some adjustments, they released Death By Media, marking a change on the band ?s musical approach. The ”Beasts” EP (produced by Rodolfo Jaca & Tiago Canadas, and co- produced by Vasco Ramos) came out in 2018 via HELL XIS RECORDS.

After some serious health issues and the dreaded pandemic, The Year are back and just signed with the German label DEAD SERIOUS Recordings. The first single “Overthinker” is the teaser for the new album, that comes out in the end of 2023.


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