It all started in May of 1998 with the single goal of being an active part of the hardcore give back what Hardcore has given them!Within a few months, their hard work paid off, landing them slots on shows with the likes of Madball, Vision, and Morning Again, to name a few.Inspired by classic NYHC Bands like Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, and Breakdown, they recorded their classic "Commitment" Demo on Our World Records which saw the light in early ’99. It took the scene by assault and established the band in the German Hardcore scene from day one.

Several shows followed in which they would support some of the biggest and best names in the HC-scene, like Cro-Mags, Murphys Law, and Slapshot, as well as bands from the rising southside-community like Regret, Brother’s Justice and Beatdown.In 1999 they released a split 7" with their buddies in Disrespect from Berlin on Crap Chord Records that has been followed by a split picture 7" with Settle The Score on Filled With Hate Records in 2001.2002 brought about their debut full length CD/10", entitled "Amistad" on Mad Mob Records which took the band to a whole new level, and earned them respect and props all across Europe. That being said, it was no surprise that M.A.D. called on them to support Skarhead on their European Tour in Summer 2002 which was not only great time, but a big success as well!Now they’re back with their new 7" / MCD titled "Words & Action" along with tour plans to conquer the rest of Europe! SIDEKICK established themselves in the hearts of many true hardcore kids through furious shows, and a style of music that includes a mixture of mosh, breakdowns and lyrics coming from the depths of their hearts.

SIDEKICK refuses to conform to any norms or standards that are expected by society. Their aim is to play hardcore as honest as they can - raw, direct, and without any fake image. SIDEKICK is about being a voice, supporting a positive movement and being a part of a subculture that creates a space to live "the alternative way"!

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