Bleed From Within
Bleed From Within

We live in uncertain times and even the self-contained fortress of the metal community frequently finds itself clutching at straws and searching for the next big band to pave the way for future glories. While the mainstream rock press generally look to bands with a pop-friendly image and fistfuls of gimmicks to lead the metallic charge, the real metal fans know that this music can only ring true when it’s performed by people who have steel flowing through their veins. Glasgow’s BLEED FROM WITHIN are just that: a band of loyal metal brothers that have worked hard and fought furiously to establish themselves as one of the UK’s most exhilarating new sonic strike forces. Formed nearly a decade ago, the band have always been an invigorating antidote to bandwagon-chasing cynicism.

There is no mistaking the sound of a pure metal band hitting their stride: “Uprising” looks certain to be one of the biggest UK metal albums and will surely thrust BLEED FROM WITHIN into the spotlight as one of the most important and exciting bands of the modern age. 

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