Bleed Into One
Bleed Into One

BLEED INTO ONE follow up to their 2003 debut, WORDS CAN”T SAVE US NOW, by making their return in late summer 2005 with a powerful new full length recording BIRTH.STRUGGLE.DEATH.
Formed in late 2002, BLEED INTO ONE’s members take the experience and knowledge gained from the fifty combined years they have dedicated to the German hardcore scene: the obvious result is one monster of a band.  With inspiration from the hardcore foundation created by legendary New York bands such as The Cro-Mags and Judge, BLEED INTO ONE add their own elements of the heavy and powerful metallic hardcore to carve their own path within the current hardcore scene.  This lethal blend of hardcore genres combined with the power of earthshaking dance parts, similar to those that many of their East Coast US hardcore acts draw on, has placed BLEED INTO ONE as a true force within Europe.
The album title, BIRTH.STRUGGLE.DEATH, ties directly into the lyrics of how events, both on a personal and global level, have shaped the individual members’
outlooks on their lives and also how we, as a human race and society, exist.  Lyrically, the album deals with a range of events from the death of a close friend, to world events, to the relationships we have with those around us. Though some may say these subjects are nothing new to what many other hardcore bands cover, Ben (vocals) explains the band’s approach in a different light as he proclaims, “Hardcore is the wrong place for innovation.  Innovation is such a beautiful word, it has power, it has strength, but being "innovative" in hardcore is a contradiction. 
Reinvention is useless because hardcore doesn't ask for that.”  While some could consider this a narrow view on the progression of hardcore, BLEED INTO ONE sees themselves as carriers of a proud tradition set by so many bands of the past.  All this is tied together with the original artwork of LINAS GARSYS (American Nightmare / Give Up The Ghost, The Hope Conspiracy, AFI, Shark Attack, Deathwish Inc.)

Through their dedication to constant touring the band has earned spots on many festivals including The Eastpak Resistance Tour, Kingshot, New Morality, and many others.  Through this BLEED INTO ONE has played along side of such notable acts as STRIFE, BIOHAZARD, and STRIKING DISTANCE; as well as with Dead Serious label mates TERROR, 100 DEMONS, MADBALL, CATARACT, SIDEKICK, TEAMKILLER, SOLID GROUND, and ZERO MENTALITY.  Bleed Into One is set to take Europe by storm in the near future.  Be there.

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