Solid Ground
Solid Ground

Solid Ground was formed in 2003, and these Swiss guys wasted no time carving out a name of their own. Solid Ground played their first show in February of 2004, and since then they have played numerous shows and smaller tours, where- ver and whenever the opportunity arose. Due to their passionate live shows, Solid Ground has been able to build a strong and rapidly growing fan base.

They shared stages with some of the best and most popular bands around, e.g. The Promise, Champion, Terror, Comeback Kid, Sidekick, Teamkiller, The Hope Conspiracy, Mental, The First Step, and Paint The Town Red.

Solid Ground's well-received, self-produced demo Run & Hide (2004) has sold several hundred copies with literally no distribution at all. The band has since then released a split 7" with Never Enough (USA) on German based hardcore label Vendetta Records. Their part on the split record has been getting rave reviews from all major hardcore magazines, comparing their sound to all time classic bands Judge, In My Eyes, and Right Brigade.

In December of 2004, the band has recorded its debut full length album. Shortly after, they signed to German hardcore label Dead Serious Records. In early 2005, Dead Serious will release Solid Ground's debut album. A LP version has been licensed to Carthago MC.

Even though the band members are all in their late 20's, they are still as dedicated to hardcore as they always have been. When asked as how to describe Solid Ground's sound and attitude, the band replied: "Solid Ground is a hardcore band. Nothing more, nothing less."

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