Outburst was one of the first of a new breed of hardcore bands in NYC. They represent that tough guy attitude and at the same time play a kickass brutal style of hardcore music. A sound that has inspired me since day one, a sound that changed lives without doubts...the hardest of the hard when they were around - as eviden- ced by classics like Thin Ice.

Outburst were five kids from Astoria NY, who met in high school and took the metallic crunch of the metal and popular HC of the day (Leeway, Bad Brains) with the positive message of bands like 7 Seconds and Gorilla Biscuits to create very unique sound that still stands the test of time. Their song "The Hardway" became the sig- nature anthem of Blackout’s first release, NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are...compilation. They played tons of shows from Boston down to DC, but only released one single and a demo before their untimely demise.

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