Ten years. Nonstop relentless worldwide touring. Five albums under their belt, the last being their most loved and well received. These are things that have paralyzed bands in the past, but not TERROR. Instead they dig down deeper, push farther and create an album that is pissed off, yet somehow positive. Angry but still beautiful. LIVE BY THE CODE - The spirit, the essence, the movement ...once again brought to life.

TERROR answers to no one. They will not bend to the market or be molded to the industry,  they will not be changed.  Learning from past mistakes, the band sat on the finished record for over six months to make sure it was done on their terms.  Their vision, their way. Again produced by Chad Gilbert and engineered by drummer Nick Jett, the result is eleven explosive tracks, in your face with no apologies or hint of remorse . Victory Records will release LBTC in North America and Century Media will cover the rest of the world. Reaper Records, who has been there with TERROR since the start, will again be solely handling the vinyl.

"This record hits harder than Keepers Of The Faith. It's dirtier, rawer.  I'd say it's the most hardcore record we've done since Lowest Of The Low," front man Scott Vogel says when asked about LIVE BY THE CODE. How can he still produce quality lyrics after all these years? "That's easy," he replies. "I still care. I still believe, I still fight to keep the hc scene alive and true. Deep inside I'm still a kid that loves hardcore. I've never lost sight of the fact that I'm a simple man. I've never lost my head in the clouds, or pretended to be some abstract poet. I talk real life, as it comes at me. The ups and downs, highs and lows give me plenty of content that others can relate to."

With this release, TERROR focuses on values learned from this subculture that gave them new leases on life. The Code is the noble way you carry yourself in this ugly world. Its going against the grain where others follow society's laws, like rats in a cage. It's having open arms for the true underground, while knowing who the real enemy is and keeping them at bay. Ingrained by years of service to the scene, it's these traditions and values that TERROR praises and hope to inspire with this release. Living by the code, respecting the roots but focusing on today, and creating a better tomorrow. 


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