Rejuvenate is a NYHC band that has been around since 1991. Right when there was practically no local hardcore scene except for the bands who were signed to major labels, & smaller scenes like the bands who played ABC No Rio. Rejuvenate was formed to try to bring NY hardcore back to where it was. Rejuvenate consisted of ex members of WARZONE, THE PSYCHOS, TRIP 6, YUPPICIDE, SFA, CAUSE FOR ALARM, DARK- SIDE NYC. First they started playing a traditional old school NYHC sound but started adding newer elements as well as keeping older ones in their songs.

Rejuvenate played shows with the likes of AF, Madball, SOIA, Cro- Mags, Murphys Law, VOD, Warzone, H2O, Skarhead, Merauder, Cold as Life, Life of Agony, Sheer Terror, Darkside NYC, 25 ta Life, Bulldoze, many others. Records CDs got released on the defunct Free Spirit Records, & the evil Lost & Found, as well as a bunch of different comps.

After a 7 year absence Rejuvenate has made it's return on March 26th, 2005 playing the Superbowl of Hardcore in Brooklyn. In the works are more local shows, a pending Eurotour, new songs, a new record on DS. We look forward to the future.

Offical statement by Rejuvenate: Rejuvenate: "We are happy to announce that Rejuvenate has signed with Dead Serious based out of Germany. We see that they are a label that cares about the bands on their roster as well as being fans of the music. Having met them during their visit in NYC we know what good people they are.

DS is also home to bands like MADBALL, TERROR, KILLING TIME/RAW DEAL, BREAKDOWN, ON THE RISE whom we can call our friends and now our label-mates. Be on the lookout for some re- issues of our earlier releases as well as a new album on DS. Rejuvenate will be touring Europe from late August throughout September with "No Turning Back & labelmates Bleed Into One" on the 2005 "back with a vengeance tour. We are looking forward to both our alliance with DS and the upcoming Eurotour."

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