When Tigers Fight
When Tigers Fight

Although the idea originated sometime in the Summer of 2003, it wasn’t until last year that the band really started to take shape. The brainchild of Jarrod Alexander (The Suicide File) and Jonathan Dennison (The Promise), When Tigers Fight is simply hardcore in it’s most pure and uncomprised form. Without allegiance to any one scene or stodgy point of view, the band has been free to create without regard to any past formula or pre-conceived expectation.

“Ghost Story” is the first collaboration with guitarist Ken Olden who, along with vocalist Mike McTernan, was a driving member of Washington D.C.’s Damnation A.D. The great chemistry among this new line-up is evident and seems to resonante throughout every track on this album. The best way to describe this record is that it is truly the sum of all it’s parts. Being able to draw comparison with any of the mem- bers former endeavors all at the same time without being a re-hash or imitation of any of them.

The band originally started as a bi-coastal side project but has since changed it’s gears drama- tically. In support of this new album, When Tigers Fight is committed to touring full time so don’t miss them when they get to your town.

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