Crowns Of Kings
Crowns Of Kings

What started out as an idea for a fun side project for a cou- ple of friends at a bar in Waterbury, CT. is rapidly becoming a reality, and a very positive part of life for five members Wes Fortier, Griff Costello, Brian Bellit Jon Rowold, and Andrew Ceccorulli. Crowns Of Kings consists of past & current mem- bers of established Connecticut based hardcore / punk bands, Death Threat, Brothers in Arms, Bateman, and Check Your Face. 

All dedicated to making music in, and for the scene that they come from, and hold sacred, just as a king would his crown. They have focused the lyrics on simple yet vital and positive topics, such as suicide prevention, self pride, and confidence. With strong, honest vocals, and the most solid music to hit the Connecticut hardcore / punk underground scene in years, Crowns of Kings has what it takes to bring them to the top of their genre, and beyond without a doubt. Crowns Of Kings are set out to take a serious approach to touring and writing, while keeping a firm grip on the reason they have formed in the first place, Simply to have fun, and write music that they love. A Debut Split CD/EP with Price Of Pain (also featuring members of Death Threat) is set for release their debut record on DeadSerious Records, and touring will follow soon after.


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