Dead Serious Recordings also home of bands such as 100 Demons, Terror, On The Rise, Teamkiller, Zero Mentality, Bleed Into One, Sidekick is proud to release Cataracts masterpiece “with triumph comes loss” as LP version.

Swiss hardcore/metal monsters Cataract have been going strong for almost six years now - their releases blasting through the world's stereo systems and their live performances burning stages all over Europe and the USA. It's about time to shift to a higher gear and run the engine at full speed - Cataract have signed to Metal Blade Recordings as of May, 2004 Cataract saw the light of day in the summer of 1998 as a fresh, metallic breeze to the European hardcore scene. What started out as a project band with members of Mine, Damage I.D. and Cease quickly progressed into a thunderstorm as the band recorded a demo CD which sold over 2,000 copies and introduced them to the hardcore/metal audience. After a 7" EP and some compilation tracks, Cataract recorded their first full length "Golem" in April 2000 and went looking for a good label to release it. One of America's finest indie labels, Ferret Music, got to listen to it and soon added Cataract to their roster of innovative and brutal hardcore bands and released "Golem" onto the hardcore/metal community. Early 2001 brought Cataract's only line up change so far. Fedi, a very talented and gifted vocalist, replaced previous singer Mosh, allowing the band to rehearse more often and regularly. Shortly after, Cataract recorded five songs for the "Martyr's Melodies" EP, which was released on 7" and as a MCD. The 7" release came along with Cataract's US-tour in late summer 2001, taking them up and down the east coast. The band played the famous Hellfest, and various shows with Poison The Well, Bane, Unearth, Nora, 18 Visions, Most Precious Blood, etc.

2002 started off with two small headlining tours to support "Martyr's Melodies", taking the band around eastern and central Europe. The rest of the year was dedicated to working on Cataract's second full length CD release, "The Great Days Of Vengeance", which was released through LifeForce Recordings in march 2003. Starting off with a sold out record release show in Switzerland the band kept promoting their latest output all through the year and finished it off with a two week tour through the United Kingdom, supporting the UK's own Stampin' Ground.

In march 2004 Cataract entered Antfarm Studios to record their upcoming (third) full length release "With Triumph Comes Loss". Recorded and mixed by one of Europe's top metal producers Tue Madsen, this new release easily crus- hes all their previous material and offers a storming mixture of power laden, violent hardcore metal in the vein of Hatebreed, Slayer and The Haunted. The new album will be released through Metal Blade Records in September 2004. This cooperation offers the band a whole new platform to spread their music and thoughts; several tours are coming up plus various live performances at Europe's biggest festivals.

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