Let's take a quick look back to the fall of 2003 when TEAMKILLER unfolded from legendary Sidekick and Absidia. It didnt take long until they played their first shows having a good amount of live-experience under their belts from their previous bands. Up to this day playing live is an integral part of TEAMKILLER who did shows and tours with the likes of Madball, Terror, Agnostic Front, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Blood For Blood, Walls Of Jericho, Ignite as well as festival appearances on high-profile hardcore festivals such as Ninja Fest (UK), Pressure Festival (GER), Light the Fuse Fest (NED) or Fluff Fest (CZ). After releasing a demo word travelled fast about the Southern German hardcore hopefuls, so within a few months they inked a deal with Germanys Dead Serious Recordings and released their split 7 with Bleed Into One. The follow up 2004 "Some Scars, Some Hope" MCD saw a 7 vinyl-release by Carthago Music Company a little after in 2005. Following the tour supporting the release of "Some Scars, Some Hope" fill-in drummer Michael Dester became a permanent member of the band and turned out to be the missing link to sharpen their sound with his tight drumming.

After another headlining tour with Final Prayer, things were shifted into gear and set TEAMKILLER in motion for the recordings of "Bad Signs" at Eversound Studios near Zurich with producer Martin Korth who is closely working with Switzerlands Cataract and a real crack in mixing "Swiss high-quality workmanship" into extreme and intense music. Scott Vogel (Terror) and Federico Carminitana (Cataract) popped into the recordings to spice up "Bad Signs" with guest vocals and added another drop of brutality to the aggressive vocals of Michael Speidel. The mastering was done by sound-guru Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York who has worked on bands like Sick Of It All, Madball, Hatebreed, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Merauder, Snapcase, Converge just to mention a few from his long list of credits.

By the end of 2005 second guitarist Chris Holt leaving the band rather resulted in them focusing their ferocious sound, instead of slowing the band down. Playing as a four-piece brought out the real essence of their heavy, lead-driven music thats mixing traditional NYHC with influences of modern hardcore and metal; it should definitely cater the needs of fans of Cro-Mags, Merauder and Agnostic Front. You want evidence? Check them out on their upcoming full European tour with NYHC icons Killing Time, in support of the official release of "Bad Signs".

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