At the end of 1998, Boris Pracht and Christian Mattheis got together to built a Hardcore bandproject that combines the power of Metal-Hardcore and the dynamic of old-school Hardcore in one shell. Just a short time later three more people joined the band to combine those musically styles with provocation, anger and a social critical message that spits into societies face... something that seemed to be forgotten in Hardcore! Nevertheless everybody was endeavored not to neglect this point by always trying to put a message in the songs no matter if it is a social critical message or just personal one, no matter if someone could feel offended by it or not!

After releasing a Demo in the summer of 1999 countless live gigs followed and more people became attracted to COPYKILL and thus they were able to proof their abilities either as support act for bigger acts or as a headliner. COPYKILL caught Alveran Records' attention and got offered a split release together with long-time-friends of the band "Drift" called "Conceptions of Mayhem".

After a two-week European tour in april 2001 together with Belgian Metalband "Liar" and a small U.S. Tour in the July 2001, the first full length entitled "Victim Or Witness" had been released.

2002 was the year COPYKILL temporarily was put to rest and every band member focused on their new projects such as Deadsoil, Machinemade God and Clobberin’ Time. After the absence of almost 10 years, the originators of Ruhrpott Hardcore Mosh are back now with a new album – still representing the dawn of a new breed. But this new record is not a just simple follow-up to their “Victim or witness” debut, released about a decade ago. The band still maintains the traditional COPYKILL properties of a metallic, heavy and furious Ruhrpott Hardcore sound, but mixed up with a much more mature song writing.

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