For The Glory - Survival Of The Fittest
For The Glory

Formed in 2003, For The Glory is a four piece hardcore band hailing from Lisboa /Porto. With their harsh and heavy sound in the vein of Terror and Death Before Dishonor, FTG has their own master plan: leaving a big mark in the European Hardcore scene.  For The Glory is a band that conveys what they love to play, with a passiona- te way to perform hardcore, with rawness and an agressive sound, based upon true lyrics.

Being constantly on the road and playing shows with some of the most influencial bands of all times such as Cro Mags, Shattered Realm, Hatebreed, Madball, 100 Demons, No Turning Back, Black Friday 29, Rise And Fall, Terror, Born From Pain...., With “Surviaval of the fittest” FTG definitely has set their seeds to archive once more what European Hardcore is all about! Hardcore is still alive!



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