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First Blood

DeadSerious Records is proud to announce the addition of First Blood to the DS family. First Blood is not an unknown band by any means. The group features ex-Terror bassist, Carl Schwartz on vocals and current Terror member Doug Weber on guitar. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, First Blood formed in early 2002 from the ashes of Sworn Vengeance, a band in which Carl and Doug were both members. Even without having played many live shows, First Blood has quickly made a strong impact throughout the modern hardcore scene. The group did their first show sharing the stage with legendary members of The Cro-Mags performing as The Age of Quarrel and made a notable appearance at Hellfest 2003. Previously releasing music on Division36 (Bridge 9) Records and Deathwish Inc, First Blood impressed many for their brutal delivery, and in your face lyrics dealing with both social and political subjects. Carl, a main contributor to First Blood's lyrics and music along-side guitarist Kyle Dixon (Alcatraz, Ex-Embrace The End), elaborates: "Most of my lyrics deal with topics important to me; the ups and downs, frustrations and discontent with certain things in this world. Hopefully people can relate to my words and realize that they are not alone, and become inspired and confident enough to stand for what they believe to find a place for themselves in this world." A staunch supporter of veganism, Carl is involved with PETA/PETA2, with an eye-opening video interview appearance on their web site and in promotional DVDs, as well as full page print appearances in Decibel and Revolver Magazine, helping to make kids more aware of the vegan lifestyle. Currently, Carl is developing an international resource for vegans and vegetarians called, which will be an online directory of veg-friendly restauraunts, grocery/health food stores, recipes, products, and more.



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