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Sick Of It All

As one of the longest standing bands still proudly waving the flag of New York Hardcore, SICK OF IT ALL have made their mark as one of the cornerstones of NYHC, proving that heart, hard work and dedication to hardcore is about more than just the music and an image, it’s a way of life. The four-piece will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2006 and coinciding with that monumental event is the release of the bands 9th full-length record entitled Death To Tyrants. “This is a landmark album for us, so it's important for it to be strong and heavy,” says drummer Armand Majidi. “Although the songs growl in a new way, they're SICK OF IT ALL through and through, with something to offer all our fans from every era.” Originally formed by brothers Lou and Pete Koller in the mid-'80s, SICK OF IT ALL set the aggressive tone of their music and ideology by offering a no-frills view of the world around them. The band released their first self-titled EP on Revelation Records and began to accumulate a strong local following after playing infamous clubs like CBGBs. Soon after, the band released their first full-length record, Blood Sweat And No Tears. Often revolving around politics, social injustices and life on streets in New York, the band wore their views on their sleeve and made no apologies, often times attempting to include thread of positivity. When their second album, Just Look Around, was released in 1992, it was a benchmark for the band and the New York hardcore scene, which also saw the band tour Europe and Japan. They released their breakthrough-album Scratch The Surface in 1994 on Atlantic, followed by a live album and a collection of rarities before they released their seminal record Built To Last in 1997. After releasing three albums on Fat Wreck Chords, as well as a live album and a collection of rarities, the band took on the challenge to push themselves further. Death To Tyrants was recorded with Dean Baltulonis (Give Up The Ghost, Most Precious Blood) at Atomic Studios and mixed by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn). “There's a political slant to a number of songs, because of the more desperate world view we have nowadays,” Majidi, “But we still share personal experiences, philosophies and moods that we hope everyone can relate to.” Proving to be an institution of hardcore while different trends came and went, the band have crafted an album which proves why they are the hardcore heavyweight champions of not only New York, but the world. It’s their longevity and conviction that has kept the band’s reputation untarnished and legendary. On Death To Tyrants, the band pulls no punches and shows clearly why they are the definition of “hardcore.”



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