Brothers Till We Die - Reincarnation
Brothers Till We Die

Spain's extreme metal kings, Brothers Till We Die are back with a new album. A lot has happened in the last 3 years, BTWD have been busy and locked themselves in the studio to dedicate themselves to their latest masterpiece. "REINCARNATION" is the title of their new record.

Reborn with a new even more brutal sound and many new influences, "REINCARNATION" delivers outstanding breakdowns, sick gang vocals and killer moshing riffs that are second to none. BTWD deliver a distinctive sound, fresh vocals and catchy melodies with electronic influences. As the title implies BTWD went through changes. Despite strong brotherhood bonds between original band members, the band went through lineup changes. BTWD always valued unity and friendship above all and the decision was not taken lightly on either part.

Changes are part of our life path, but BTWD is forever. Reincarnated with two new members the new album delivers 10 songs recorded during the pandemic. Brothers Till We Die have always been known as a live band. Their live performances are brutally intense. If you witnessed it live you know they are one of the most promising young European bands on the scene. If you question yourself what will happen after 2 key members left. The new rhythm section will blow you away with Julian on drums and Alissa on bass. Both new members are well-known Madrid underground activists with a serious commitment to BTWD.



Release Date:           
Dez 09 2022

Lim. Press:              
300x Trans-Magenta/Black Smoke, 1000x CD

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