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100 Demons

Connecticut has always been a ripe breeding ground for heavy and menacing music. After five years of progression 100 DEMONS have risen to the forefront of the influential Connecticut hardcore community. 100 DEMONS encapsulate a viciousness and ravenous intensity that few could achieve.

Their musical approach is a frantic sonic battle of hardcore intensity fused with a gut wrenching metallic precision. Fighting harder, sicker, and meaner than any of their contemporaries. 100 DEMONS newest effort was painstakingly produced by acclaimed Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL) @ Planet Z Recording Compound over a two week period. During that time, together Zeuss and the band, clawed and conjoured an album as heavy as it is infectiously unforgettable.



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110 black wax, 525 blooded wax, 525 demons wax

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