ChuggaBoom - Death Pledge

Formed in 2014 as custodians of the stolen riffs in their quest to restore metalcore to the galaxy ChuggaBoom quickly proclaimed themselves the greatest metalcore band on earth. Drawing upon a wide range of influences including Upon A Burning Body, Devin Townsend, Funeral For A Friend & Attack Attack!, the band have never shied from recording whatever they want. To date they have already amassed an impressive back catalogue including 5 EPs, 2 albums and several cover songs.

Whilst the world ground to a halt with the pandemic in 2020 the band found inspiration to record and release both the  ‘Chugg Wars: The Covid-19 Saga’ EP and the 22 track ‘Christmas Number Ones’ album which hit #3 in the iTunes U.K. Metal Albums chart. With the support of their dedicated Chuggalo community they’ve clocked up over 10 million Spotify streams and over 2.5 million views on their YouTube channel.

Following the return of live music the band returned to touring going out on a U.K. tour in late 2021 supporting Our Hollow,Our Home. There is sooooo much more to come from ChuggaBoom… you really have no idea. Become a Chuggalo, or get left behind.



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150x Clear/Yellow/Red/Black Splatter, 150x Clear Magenta/Black Splatter, 300x Clear Purple/Black Marble, 1000x Digipack CD

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