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Zero Mentality

The musical history of ZERO MENTALITY expands to an early demo (which also got reprinted on vinyl), three full length records (In Fear Of Forever, Invite Your Soul, Black Rock), two split 7inches (“Soul And Death” with THE SETUP and “Virtues And Vices” with THE HEARTBREAK MOTEL) and their latest release, a 7inch entitled “X”. Since their foundation in the end of 2002, the band toured all over Europe and reinforced their live power within the HC/Metal scene. Within all these years they shared stages with bands like BORN FROM PAIN, TERROR, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CALIBAN, MAROON, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, BIOHAZARD, MADBALL and played festivals with major acts like SLAYER, MACHINEHEAD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, KORN, etc. …just to name a few. 

Coming from a deeply routed Hardcore background, ZERO MENTALITY is a band that manages to live up to their existing influences of Metal, Rock, Punk and furthermore. They create a boundless mixture that is true to an individual style rather than being a lump of things. ZERO MENTALITY’s sound is familiar to those who like Metal riffs, rockin’ song-structures, nihilistic vocal approaches as well as heartfelt voices. But as this is no limit to the whole package, one should be ready to include everything into expectation. Gaining respect from people with different kinds of musical taste and coming from various spectrums of the underground music scene, the band got rave reviews for records and live-shows in "Legacy", "Aardshock", "Metal Hammer", "Rock Hard", as well as countless print- and web-zines.



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