On The Rise - Burning inside
On The Rise

On the Rise plays the traditional sound of hardcore, but they don’t exactly sound like a young band trying to play old fashion hardcore, such as a band like With Honor or The Comeback Kid. On the Rise has a great old-school, NYHC sound that brings to mind Sick of It All, but have fused that with a modern, melodic edge that reminds me of Reach the Sky. It works very well, and makes for some catchy hardcore songs. At times, On the Rise’s songs are played with a great sense of melody, and sound more like melodic punk songs than New York hardcore. But then they turn the intensity up, and play very raw, driving hardcore.

Burning Inside is the debut full length from New York''s hardcore legend On The Rise... a band which features members of Agnostic Front, Maximum Penalty and Inhuman. This record is a real NYHC masterpiece. The album was also produced by Roger Miret of Agnostic Front! You can really hear his influence and the love and time he invested in those songs.



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