Bleed Into One / Teamkiller - Split
Bleed Into One / Teamkiller

Blood thicker than water? BLEED INTO ONE and Stuttgarts finest TEAMKILLER team up for a split 7''''. For the sake of friendship and appreciation. Dead Serious recordings paved the way for an solid hardcore split outfit in 2003. Formed in January 2002 by on of the most sincere, and dedicated maniacs in hardcore. No band before, burst onto the scene with a brutal live set and a intelligent message. That''s hardly to find these days....the inner seed of their scene is BLEED INTO ONE, better say, bled into one.

A unique sound throughout the 7 songs on the MCD. It transcends H-A-R-D.core stereotypes. Mix up DEATH THREAT and HATEBREED with the spirit of INSIDE OUT and the CRO-MAGS. Music is plain and simple hardcore with a frontman that must be MIKE JUDGE''s brother. 



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