Automatic & Burden - Vancouver vs Kentucky
Automatic & Burden

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky... Automatic boasts members of Mouthpiece, By the Grace of God, and the Enkindels. Upbeat melodic hardcore in the vein of Dag Nasty. Definitely a release to check out! If you like Dc Hardcore in the veins of Dag Nasty and similar bands! 2 old unreleased songs from their time on Indecision Rec.Burden are the new Powerhouse from Vancouver. Their sound is a great mix between Strain and Undertow. Don't miss these 3 powerfull HC songs.

Vancouver Straight Edge Hardcore 1997-2004. Members went on to play in Blue Monday, On,Go It Alone, Bishops Green, Keep It Clear, Vacant State, Still Above Snakes, Eliminator Stagnation73 etc. Formed in the spring of 1997, by founding members Jason Kolins(vocals), Sean Spear & Mike Orpen(guitars) and Mark Thomson(bass), to put together a fast, heavy, outspoken Straight Edge Hardcore band, with a personal, sincere and positive message. Although Burden started at a time when the Hardcore scene in Vancouver was all but dead, they (along with Dissent and Reserve 34), kept the small, but dedicated scene alive for years, continually building up and strengthening the foundation, for what the now thriving Vancouver scene, is built upon today. Playing locally constantly, and throughout the NorthWest and abroad, to establish their name, Burden was the first Straight Edge band from Vancouver, to make a mark outside of their hometown. 



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