Good Clean Fun - Shopping For a Crew
Good Clean Fun

Formed in 1997, the band used self-irony when spreading their message of veganism, straight edge, feminism and optimism. Their main influence is New York straight edge group Gorilla Biscuits. Other influences include 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, and Youth of Today.

Were you wondering how many releases Good Clean Fun could use with the title "Shopping for a Crew?" Well, this makes four! This LP contains as the CD version on PHYTE records, the songs from the Eurotrash Edition of the 7", the songs from the "Who Shares Wins" 7" and three compilation songs are all included. In case you were wondering, the recordings of the US "Shopping for a Crew" 7" have been buried, so the only way to obtain those is on that 7".

In late summer of 2009 the band completed a full-length feature film titled Good Clean Fun: The Movie, based on a script written by Diao. Shooting began in November 2007.



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