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Higley was born from strong friendships, and even stronger coffee. In 2008, Kevin Carl (G-Whiz) reached out to his old friends Bill Stevenson (main songwriter of Descendents, All and ex Black Flag) and Duane Kiener (G-Whiz) to found a new band called Higley.

They started to record five new songs… but shortly thereafter, variuous setbacks befell the band members and erverything was put on hold. In 2010, Kevin resurected the project and recorded four more songs with Bob Hoag from Pollen. In 2015 James Menefee from River City High came on board. James recorded the vocals for the existing songs and also brought along two new songs that he had written. The resulting album ist a testimony to friends, perseverance, food and fun.



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500x blue, 500 x black

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