Peace Of Mind - MMXVI
Peace Of Mind

Founded in early 2015, Peace of Mind from Sonnenberg/Germany is a rising star in the European Harcore Scene. Their intense style combined with heavy guitar riffs and powerful breakdowns prove that this band is here to stay. Nevertheless, they never sound primitive, boring or dull. The fresh and unique voice of their vocalist combined with intelligent lyrics proves that Hardcore is still alive in 2017.

Within their first year of existance Peace Of Mind played over 60 shows including a 11 day tour through Europe. They supported bands like Madball, Ignite, Deez Nuts, Wisdom In Chains, Born From Pain, Nasty, Broken Theeth and Down To Nothing as opener. Down to the present day, this band works hard and shows willingness to take chances, to play every show they get offered.

For many, this may sound like another boring biography with dozens of empty phrases… but check them out for yourself… Peace of mind will impress you permanently and turn your world upside down!



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