Driftnet - A Sample of no Commercial Value

Driftnet friends are calling it their best material (music) to date. Most of the tracks will all surely go on to be Driftnet classics. If you like Atari-music with a Strain-singer, feel to it! This band is yours! It''s one of the most underrated band in the European hardcorescene. We just had a "one-time-pressing" available of their record.

Expect classic 88-style with two solid and powerful sounding guitars and an awesome refreshing and clean sound. The vocal parts of this records sounds amazing and outstanding. No one ever sounded like Driftnet. If you are into 88-styled old shool hardcore... you will love this record! One of the best new german bands! Check them out! This record is limited to 500 copies and won't be repressed!



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